Practice Ownership Podcasts

What to Know Before Buying a Practice

Do You Think You May Want to Own a Practice Someday?
Do you think owning a practice might be in your future?  Do you know where to start?  Or are you having trouble deciding if you can balance the new financial commitment with existing ones?  Dr. Jenna Corbett interviewed experts in this area to give MVMA members a better idea of how to decide if purchasing a practice is right for them.  

The Buying Process

Details About the Practice Buy-In Process

You've decided you want to buy a practice, and even found financing for the purchase - what about the other details of the buy-in process? What steps do you need to take and what can you expect along the way? Hiring an attorney, practice valuation, even evaluating the practice equipment is discussed in this step of the podcast series.

Practice Valuation

What to Expect from a Practice Valuation

Dr. Corbett speaks with experts in this area to help build a timeline of expectations and outcomes in the practice valuation process.

Are You Ready to Buy a Practice?
Congratulations! You are Ready to Seriously Consider Buying a Practice!

Let's discuss the final steps it takes to become a practice owner, and what you can expect the process to be like.

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