MVMA-MSU Joint Wet Labs


2017 Canine Dental Lecture and Wet Lab Forum

Saturday, October 14, 2017 • Veterinary Medical Center • College of Veterinary Medicine • Michigan State University

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 7:30 - 8:30 amRegistration & Continental Breakfast 
 8:00 - 9:00 amLecture: Welcome and Oral Radiology Positioning 
 9:00 - 11:00 amLab: Oral Radiology 
 11:00 - 11:45 amLecture: Light Cured, Bonded Sealant Repair of Uncomplicated Crown Fractures 
 11:45 - 1:00 pmLunch 
 1:00 - 1:45 pmLab: Light Cured, Bonded Sealant Repair 
 1:45 - 2:15 pmLecture: Single Root Tooth Extraction 
 2:15 - 2:45 pmLab: Single Root Tooth Extraction 
 2:45 - 3:15 pmLecture: Gingival Flap, Alveoloplasty, Tooth Sectioning; Maxillary Canine Extraction 
 3:15 - 4:00 pmLab: Gingival Flap, Alveoloplasty, Tooth Sectioning; Maxillary Canine Extraction 
 4:00 - 4:20 pmLecture: Multirooted Tooth Sectioning and Surgery Planning 
 4:20 - 5:30 pmLab: Multirooted Tooth Sectioning and Surgery Planning 

This laboratory will provide hands-on laboratory instruction on canine dental radiography and oral surgery and surgical extractions. The objective of this instructional laboratory is to provide the basic skills to perform three important and frequently used areas of veterinary dentistry.

  1. Oral radiography positioning; oral radiography is absolutely necessary to identifying oral pathology (80% of all pets have some level of clinically relevant pathology noted on radiology). We will present simple, tested techniques to achieve excellent, reproducible oral radiographs. We will focus particular attention on fixing poor radiographs.
  2. Light cured, bonded sealant therapy. 10% of dogs have complicated crown fractures (crown fractures exposing pulp tissue) requiring extraction or root canal therapy, many more have uncomplicated fractures (crown fractures without pulpal exposure). Using oral radiography to identify teeth still vital, we will teach a simple technique to address these common fractures. This is a technique that you can use several times weekly relieving pain and saving teeth at risk.
  3. Surgical and non-surgical extraction techniques. We have all been faced with difficult, time consuming tooth extractions. We will discuss treatment planning and teach techniques to decrease surgical time and stress in extractions of incisors, canine teeth and multi-rooted teeth such as upper fourth premolar teeth. These clinically relevant techniques will be used every day in general practice.

The laboratory will be taught by 1 Associate Professor of Oral Surgery and 1 Licensed Veterinary Dental Technician with a maximum enrollment of 24 practitioners, to ensure the greatest personal attention and instruction. The overall goal is to improve surgical expertise in techniques used every day in general practice. This all day lecture and wet lab event should leave you with improved skills to lessen pain and disease in the 80% of your patients with periodontal disease as well as improve your bottom line.

You will be provided with:

  • Breakfast refreshments and lunch.
  • Online website access to case material as well as instructional lectures.
  • Dental instruments from MWI Animal Health and Securos Surgical with an approximate value of $100.

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Michigan Veterinary Medical Association

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