DEA Provides Clarification of Veterinary Mobility Act

03/14/2016 12:03 PM | Anonymous

Update on the DEA and Transportation of Controlled Substances

With President Barack Obama’s signing of the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act in 2014, it became legal for veterinarians to carry controlled substances across state lines to provide complete medical care to patients outside their clinics. The US Drug Enforcement Administration dotted the final “i” on the legislation recently, formally acknowledging its provisions in a letter to practitioners who are registered with the DEA to dispense controlled substances.

The DEA letter quotes the new law’s provision that a veterinarian “shall not be required to have a separate registration in order to transport and dispense controlled substances in the usual course of a veterinary practice at a site other than the registrant’s registered principal place of business or professional practice, so long as the site of transporting and dispensing is located in a state where the veterinarian is licensed to practice veterinary medicine and is not a principal place of business or professional practice.”

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