Mandatory Continuing Medical Education Has Now Become Law in Michigan

03/21/2016 1:08 PM | Anonymous

On March 15, 2016, Governor Snyder signed House Bills 4408 and 4999 into law requiring continuing medical education (CME) for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Prior to this, Michigan was the only state without such a requirement.

The following are frequently asked questions about the newly signed Public Act 47 and 49:

When will mandatory CME take affect?

The CME requirement will take effect in 3 years to allow everyone time to comply.

How much CME will veterinarians and veterinary technicians need in order to comply with the law?

Veterinarians will be required to complete 45 hours of CME every 3 years and veterinary technicians will be required to complete 15 hours every 3 years.

What will the new fees be and when will they be implemented?

The new veterinarian fees will be $70 per year and veterinary technicians will be $20 per year when fully implemented. No fee increases will occur until the CME program is implemented.

How often will I need to renew my license?

License renewals for veterinarians and veterinary technicians will occur every 3 years. Previously licenses were renewed every 2 years.

What will be counted as CME?

There are no mandates or specific CME subject matter in the new law. Consequently, the Michigan Board of Veterinary Medicine will be working to determine the rules.

MVMA will keep members posted as more information becomes available.

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