Do You Know About All the New Discount Programs MVMA Members Can Now Take Advantage Of?

04/04/2016 3:14 PM | Anonymous

Save Money on Collections and Account Management with American Profit Recovery

American Profit RecoveryAmerican Profit Recovery is a national profit recovery service with a clientele consisting of over 3500 small and large practices, just like yours. APR specializes in the recovery of slow pay, delinquent accounts and NSF checks. They are designed to help practices speed up cash flow, reduce internal costs, and eliminate the need for expensive collection agencies and attorneys. Their track record in our industry has been very impressive. They have a proven record of recovering accounts for a flat fee of under $22.00, with an average resolution rate of 30-40%.

As an MVMA you qualify for substantial savings with APR. If you have any questions or are interested in receiving a confidential analysis, please call Matt Helz at 248/948-0659. Personal appointments will be scheduled by an APR representative and there is no obligation.

Global Payments can Save You Money on Payment Processing: Credit Cards, Checking, and More!

Global PaymentsGlobal Payments is a leading worldwide provider of payment technology services that delivers innovative solutions to their customers. They understand the healthcare industry and that providing optimal patient care is the most important thing you do all day. Let them help you find a payment processing solution that not only fits your specific needs, but also provides solutions to your payment processing needs with efficiency and a great rate that allows a solid return on every dollar spent.

Contact Global Payments Direct at 800/547-9394 and identify yourself as an MVMA member for benefit information on great check and credit card processing options for your practice. Or, sign up online at

Take Advantage of Even MORE Savings at MVMA.SavingCenter.Net!

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