Need Help? Let MVMA “Mentor” You Through Life Stages Using the “A” (Answer) Team

11/21/2016 10:11 AM | Kara Henrys (Administrator)

“What do I need to know to start my own practice?”

“How do I negotiate a raise?”

“What do I do when someone threatens to sue me?” 

Contact the “A” Team!  MVMA has expanded the traditional mentoring concept to include mentoring at all stages of your career.  Our free and confidential Answer Team can help you with a variety of common (and not-so-common) questions and concerns.  

Just email the MVMA at with your question and you will be matched with an “A” Team expert who can assist you.  There are multiple experts in all areas so we will make sure you are matched with someone appropriate for you!  

Topics include the following:

1.            Practice Management: 

·         Buying a Practice

·         Starting a Practice

·         Selling a Practice

·         Partnering

·         Consolidation

·         Starting a Mobile Clinic


2.            Career Assistance: 

·         Employment Agreements/Non-Compete Clauses

·         Career Transition/Job Change

·         Career Counseling/Career Options

·         How to Negotiate a Raise

·         How to Negotiate Time Off

·         Retirement – When and How


3.            Litigation:  

·         Dealing With Upset Clients Before Things Get to Litigation

·         What to do When Someone Threatens to Sue You

·         Sexual Harassment


4.            Personal Development: 

·         Burnout/Depression/Compassion Fatigue

·         Euthanasia

·         Doctor/Client Communications

·         Professional Image

·         Finding and Maintaining Work-Life Balance

·         Mental Health and Physical Wellness


5.            Human Resources: 

·         Employee/Staff Management Issues

·         Hiring a LVT verses an “assistant”

·         Hiring and Firing (Legal Issues to Consider)

·         Staff Meetings

·         Motivating Staff

·         Reviews and Performance Evaluations


6.            Veterinary Ethics 

7.            Financial & Debt Assistance 

“My A Team mentor was able to walk me through steps and what to think about as I started looking to purchase a practice.  He was incredibly helpful!”  Dr. A

“I had a complaint filed against me with the Board of Veterinary Medicine and didn’t know what to do.  I was devastated!  My A Team mentor helped me understand the process and what I needed to do.”  Dr. S

“After being at a practice for 4 years I felt I deserved a higher salary and wanted to negotiate a raise.  My A Team mentor helped me understand ways to approach my practice owner that helped me to get that raise!”  Dr. M

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