Need someone to help out at your practice?

Norman Bayne, DVM, MS
(MSU 81, MVMA Member) SA Relief work in SE Michigan area. Will travel. Friendly, excellent client communications skills.

Cari Bedore, DVM

(MSU 99, MVMA Member)
SA relief and/or part-time 1 hour from Flint. Enjoy working in a positive team atmosphere doing medicine and surgery. 

Sharisse Berk, DVM
(MSU 95, MVMA Member) Available for SA relief or part-time work in Southeast MI. 

Rhonda Bierl, DVM

(MSU 00, MVMA Member) SA/Emergency relief within 1 hr of Highland.  General medicine/Soft tissue surgery/ultrasound experience.

Allison Birndorf, DVM

(MSU 2012, MVMA Member)
SA relief in SE Michigan. Will travel. Friendly and reliable.

Tammy Brodie, DVM

(MSU 88, MVMA Member)
Soft tissue surgery and dentistry. Excellent client skills.

Tama Cathers, DVM, MS
(NCSU 96, MVMA member)
SA relief in SW Michigan/Kalamazoo area. Friendly, experienced, reliable. 

Courtney Chapin, DVM
(MSU 02, MVMA Member)
Available for Grand Rapids area. 6 years’ experience in SA general practice, 3 years in emergency medicine; both routine and emergency surgery. Willing to travel.   

Catherine Collins, DVM

(MSU 06, MVMA member) SA relief work in the Lansing area. Willing to travel up to one hour. Friendly, efficient, strong communication skills. References & resume available.

Kenneth Corino, DVM
(MSU 94, MVMA Member) Small animal relief work. SE Michigan, medicine and surgery.

Bryan Cornwall, DVM, MBA

(MSU 89, MVMA Member) SA medicine and general surgery in SE Michigan; practice owner for 24 years. Great with clients and staff.

Nichole Corner, DVM

(MSU 99, MVMA Member) Small animal relief work in Grand Rapids & Kalamazoo area. Excellent client communication skills. References.   

Jennifer M. Dec, DVM
(MSU 04, MVMA Member) Small animal general practice and emergency relief. Surgery, ultrasound, and excellent communication skills.

Lisa Harris, DVM
(MSU 89, MVMA Member) Available for relief in Grand Rapids/Lakeshore area. Experienced SA medicine and surgery, avian, exotics. Friendly, good communicator. 

Sean D. Hughes, DVM
(MSU 76, MVMA Member) SE Michigan SA relief since 1999. Part-time, prefer SE; will travelf or the right circumstances. 

Cindy Kalicki, DVM
(MSU 94, MVMA Member) Eight years full-time, two years relief in SA general medicine/soft tissue surgery. SE MI, part-time or relief.  

Gurpreet Kaur, DVM

(MSU 15, MVMA Member) Providing service in small animal general practice and surgery in the southeast Michigan area.

Selena Lucas, DVM
(KSU 90, MVMA Member) Flexible and friendly, excellent client communication skills.  Proficient in surgery, medicine and dentistry.  Available in SE Michigan.

Denise Jorgensen Montagna, DVM

(CSU 90, MVMA member)
SA relief or part-time in Grand Haven/Muskegon, Michigan area. Excellent client relations. References.

Lynn A. Lawitzke, DVM, DABVP (Canine and Feline Practice)

(MSU 82, MVMA Member)
Small animal relief work. Based in Jackson, willing to travel. or

Richard M. Mieczkowski, DVM

(MSU 71, MVMA Member)
Oakland, Washtenaw Co. Experienced SA relief. Client interactive, productive, reliable. References.

Catherine Moreau, DVM

(OSU 2001, MVMA Member)
Available in SE Michigan. SA medicine and soft tissue surgery. Hardworking, reliable, and friendly.

Katherine O’Connor, DVM

(MSU 14, MVMA Member)
Exceptional medicine when you need it most. SA/exotics/emergency relief. Based in Southeastern, Michigan. References available.

Kris Parnell, DVM

(MSU 91, MVMA Member) Available for SA relief or part-time. Will travel 1 hour of Lansing area. References.

Amy Peck, DVM

(MSU 97, MVMA Member) Available for relief in West MI/Grand Rapids/Lakeshore area. SA general medicine. Excellent communication skills, experienced and reliable.

Sarah Sewick, DVM

(University of Illinois 12, MVMA Member)
SA relief in SE Michigan. Experience with general practice, emergency, high-volume spay/neuter, exotics/wildlife. Easy-going with clients and staff. 

Jim Sharp, DVM

(MSU 71, MVMA Member) SA relief, SE Michigan. Former practice owner. Proficient in sophisticated dentistry and medicine. Excellent communicator.   

Margaret Sudekum, DVM

(MSU 89, MVMA Member) Available for part-time SA relief work in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. Good client communication skills.

Andrea Switch, DVM

(MSU 84, MVMA Member) Available for part-time or relief work. Small animal general medicine/soft tissue surgery in southeastern Michigan.

Linda Vanassche, DVM

(MSU 90, MVMA Member) SA medicine, surgery and emergency; excelling in dermatology and internal med. Travel negotiable more than 1 ½ hours from Lansing. Excellent written/verbal communication and record keeping.

Amy Wildrose, DVM
(MSU 00, MVMA Member) Experienced, proficient, dependable, and convivial. Available for SA relief or part-time. Based in Lansing. Willing to travel.

Jennifer Zablotny, DVM 
(MSU 97, MVMA Member) Experienced SA relief for SE and mid-Michigan. References.

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