Legislative Advocacy Program

MVMA maintains an active Legislative Advisory Committee prepared to protect the interest of veterinarians and veterinary staff with regard to state and federal legislation. The committee retains a lobbyist who works on behalf of our members. The Legislative Advisory Committee assists MVMA’s Board of Directors in formulating and implementing MVMA legislative policy and MVMA positions on State Regulatory Proposals. The Committee focuses on the following areas of interest:

  • Changes to the State Public Health Code
  • Animal Welfare Issues
  • Programs for Zoonosis Detection and Control
  • Small Business Owner Issues
  • Health Professions Issues


It is important for MVMA members to support issues that affect veterinary medicine, animals and small businesses. Therefore, the association periodically contacts members and requests that they get in touch with their legislators on potential threatening legislation. If you do not know who your legislators are, you can find them below:

Find Your Michigan Representative:
Find Your Michigan Senator:
AVMA Congressional Advocacy Network:

MVMA’s Legislative Advisory Committee meets throughout the year to discuss proposed Michigan legislation. You can review information on the status of any bill by searching for them on the Michigan Legislature Website. Currently, MVMA has no action alerts for members on any proposed legislation.