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    • 02/01/2018
    • 05/01/2018
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    Post Your Ad on the MVMA Website and in The Michigan Veterinarian Here!

    Reach more qualified candidates by posting your ad on both the MVMA website and in the next issue of The Michigan Veterinarian. Use this registration form to purchase ad space on the website and in the quarterly magazine.  

    Ads, under normal circumstances, are posted to the website on the same business day if it's received by 3:00 pm.  

    • 08/12/2018
    • 08/14/2018
    • Mackinac Island

    Registration Instructions

    ONLINE REGISTRATION is a simple process (just follow the prompts and keep clicking Next!) but if you are finding it difficult and would like assistance we are here to help, email  or call 517-347-4710.

    IMPORTANT:  Each registrant MUST use a unique email address to register. The email address is your primary identifier and also used to identify MVMA members. 

    MVMA MEMBERS:  It is not necessary to first login in order to get the discounted registration price.  If you register using the email that matches your membership profile the system can verify your membership and allow you to select member-only registrations types and track your CE.

    BROWSER:  The online registration system is best viewed in Firefox (latest version), Internet Explorer (versions 10 or later) and Google Chrome latest version.

    PAYMENT:  When you get to the payment screen enter the credit card information and billing address, then click PAY.  If you click on the word cancel you are only cancelling the payment portion, not the registration. If you need to also cancel the registration please refer to the cancellation policy below.

    CANCELLATION POLICY:  Registration may be cancelled with a full refund less $50 if received in writing before August 3, 2018.  Send email to

    • 10/24/2018
    • 10:00 AM
    • 04/17/2019
    • 5:30 PM
    • of in-person trainings: Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health


    Professional Competencies Certification Program

    The purpose of the new certification program, Getting the Most Out of Your Career, is to engage and develop veterinary professionals through a dynamic and evolving leadership experience. 

    This program includes a series of learning opportunities and connects participants with a network of peers who have similar challenges.

    A Professional Competencies Certificate will be provided upon completion of the program.

    Cancellation Policy:  Registration for the full program may be canceled with a full refund less $50 if notification is received in writing by October 17, 2018 No refunds will be given after that date.

    • 04/01/2019
    • 7:30 PM
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    • 07/31/2019
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Past events

04/04/2018 Anesthesia & Pain Mgmt 2017-18 Seminar
04/01/2018 MVC TEST EVENT
03/28/2018 Southeastern MI VMA Dermatology Seminar
03/07/2018 Geriatrics 2017-18 Seminar
02/28/2018 Southeastern MI VMA Feline Medicine Seminar
01/26/2018 Michigan Veterinary Conference 2018
12/20/2017 Public Health Committee Meeting
12/13/2017 MVMA Board of Directors Meeting
12/13/2017 Southeastern MI VMA Gerontology Seminar
12/06/2017 Exotics 2017-18 Seminar
11/29/2017 MVMA Executive Committee Meeting
11/20/2017 2017 Animal Welfare Conference
11/15/2017 Southeastern MI VMA Orthopedic Surgery Seminar
11/01/2017 Ophthalmology 2017-18 Seminar
10/25/2017 Saginaw Valley VMA Meeting
10/18/2017 Southeastern MI VMA Ophthalmology Seminar
10/14/2017 Canine Dental 2017 Lecture & Wet Lab Forum
10/04/2017 Dermatology 2017-18 Seminar
09/27/2017 Saginaw Valley VMA Meeting
09/27/2017 MVMA Board of Directors Meeting
09/19/2017 Power of Ten Leadership Session
09/13/2017 Saginaw Valley VMA Meeting
09/13/2017 MVMA Executive Committee Meeting
09/13/2017 Practice Mgmt 2017-18 Seminar
09/06/2017 Public Health Committee Meeting
08/02/2017 Classified Ad Space: December 2017
07/25/2017 MVMA Board of Directors Meeting
07/19/2017 Legislative Advisory Committee Meeting
06/29/2017 Animal Welfare Committee Meeting
06/21/2017 MVMA Executive Committee Meeting
06/14/2017 Power of Ten Leadership Session
06/07/2017 Public Health Committee
05/24/2017 Saginaw Valley VMA Meeting
05/18/2017 Northern Michigan VMA Meeting
05/01/2017 Classified Ad Space: September 2017
04/26/2017 Saginaw Valley VMA Meeting
04/22/2017 Power of Ten Leadership Session
04/19/2017 Saginaw Valley VMA Meeting
04/05/2017 OSHA Small Animal Seminar
03/22/2017 Saginaw Valley VMA Meeting
03/16/2017 Food Animal Practice Committee Meeting
03/15/2017 Public Health Committee Meeting
03/14/2017 MVMA Board of Directors Meeting
03/14/2017 MVMA and MSU CVM Legislative Day
03/14/2017 Legislative Advisory Committee
03/08/2017 Renal 2016-17 Small Animal Seminar
03/01/2017 MVMA Executive Committee Meeting
02/02/2017 Classified Ad Space: June 2017
01/27/2017 MVC 2017 Michigan Veterinary Conference
12/21/2016 Public Health Committee Meeting
12/14/2016 MVMA Board of Directors Meeting
12/10/2016 Test Event
12/07/2016 Feline Medicine 2016-17 Small Animal Seminar
12/03/2016 Canine Dental 2016 Lecture and Wet Lab Forum
11/30/2016 Executive Committee Meeting
11/21/2016 Animal Welfare Conference 2016
11/21/2016 Power of Ten Leadership Session
11/09/2016 Legislative Advisory Committee
11/02/2016 Dental 2016-17 Small Animal Seminar
10/22/2016 Purdue University CVM Veterinary Business Management Fall Summit
10/05/2016 Genetics 2016-17 Small Animal Seminar
09/30/2016 SAS Option 2 Test
09/29/2016 Animal Welfare Committee Meeting
09/28/2016 Legislative Advisory Committee
09/27/2016 Power of Ten Leadership Session
09/23/2016 DCPAH Presents Thyroid Disease in Dogs: From Clinical Signs to Test Results
09/21/2016 2016-17 SAS Mixed Seminar Registrations
09/14/2016 MVMA Board of Directors Meeting
09/07/2016 Public Health Committee Meeting
08/31/2016 Executive Committee Meeting
08/18/2016 Membership Committee Meeting
08/17/2016 Leadership Development Committee Meeting

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